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Savage, MN
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Burnsville High School Baseball
Home Run Club 2013 Members

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Ahcan Family
Alyea Family
Viktor and Allison Avdulov
Belina Family
Carpenter Family
Christopherson   Family
Dietz Family
Dorshak Family
Ferderer Family
Gillis Family
Dan & Mary Gumz

Hansen Family
Hanson Family
Kallstrom Family
Keller Family
Kirschbaum Family
Larsen Family
Charity and Rob Lewis
Tom & Donna Maas
Maas, Elizabeth Family
Brian Maas Family
McDowall Family

Nordgren Family
Oakley Family
Jeff & Kelly Olson
O’Toole Family
Gene & Adrienne Paulson

Procko Family
Pruszinske Family
Joe and Mary Ellen Reger Family
Remarcik Family
Barry & Leigh Richardson

Robb Family
Rozek Family
Karen Ryan
Santilli Family
Schiller Family
Schliemann Family
Bill and Jean Schneider

Jeff and Kay Schneider
Scholl Family
Schorn Family
Seedorf Family
Senta Family

Mike & Judy Sherin
Kelly and Mark Smith
Smith Family
Strey family
Traetow Family
Marcus & Andrea Traetow
Ruthie & Rich VanderLaan
Kevin, Teresa, Billy, and Logan VerMeer