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BHS Baseball
Using This Site

The general public will have access to information such as messages/bulletins, team pages, rosters, schedules/events and game results.

Certain information is password protected and is only available to Burnsville High School players and their guardians and people directly associated with the association.  Once assigned to a team, the player and his family will have access to e-mail and text message notifications and their team's roster contact information. They may edit their account to make sure that their information is up to date.

This is the second year of using this website system and the first year using our account system for notifications.

You will need your email that you have been receiving emails from BHS baseball. A password will be issued to you once you enter email into "Edit My Account" under menu Association. We recommend the following: your player has all emails on his account and parents/guardians have their own (does not send duplicate emails), make sure you do not use the "no email" option, for texts - indicate your cell # and cell phone company (we will using this feature for game or practice cancellations). Games will be on the schedules besides the events associated with BHS baseball. Practices will not be entered on schedule.

 Do NOT Opt out of the site. We will remove you from the site. If you select "no email" due to duplicate emails because you are a volunteer (only time it happens), then you will remain on the site.


1. Important information about privacy
2. Edit Your Account 
3. Emailing Your Team
4. Printing the Roster

Things to Note:
- Your player's name should already be listed. Please do NOT add your other children - just players are listed under "add child".
- Only 2 places for parents/guardians - see below
- We do need your player's birthday, grade and gender. We do NOT need the parent's birthday or anyone's weight.

1.   Important Information about privacy
This information will be used in 3 ways
(a) for Burnsville High School Baseball purpose such as mailings and emails; volunteer organization
(b) Your team’s roster for your team only - contact info
(c) For the website system to contact you

Your information will be available to your teammates via password. Once your team’s web page is set up, you may enter your e-mail and password in the upper right hand corner and then you may view your team's roster contact information.

2. Editing Your Account
Keep your contact information up-to-date at any time.
- Select from menu item – select “Association”
- From that drop down list – select “Edit your account”
- Enter your e-mail address ONLY
STOP! Look back at your email address and proofread it.
If you do not type the correct address PERFECTLY, you will not receive an emailed password.
- The system will then send you a temporary password to that e-mail address.
- Note to HotMail, MSN Mail and Yahoo Mail users: Please be sure to check your ''Junk'' or ''Bulk'' folder for the password email. The above email providers often incorrectly flag mail from this site as bulk email. If this happens to you, be sure to specify that future mail from this site be placed directly in your Inbox. 
- Log in with your e-mail address and your new password
Once logged in, you may update your information
The information you provide on this website will be kept on our secure server and NEVER shared with any third party outside this organization.
In the first screen, you will see your family listing and any remaining balance you have on your account.
Your player's name will appear. Please do NOT add your other children - just players are listed under "add child".

Please start with the parent/guardians and continue to the player(s) for editing.
Edit the information as you would like it to appear on rosters and on mailings. Names do not need to be formal but nicknames are okay.

For alerts: Only one copy of a message is sent to a cell phone number and emails no matter how many times it is listed. Make sure your child has all emails listed because many times we only send emails to players. See notification section below for volunteers and coaches.
Privacy options
- Private: This selection makes the entry available only to Administrators with rights to view Member Information.
- Roster: This selection makes the entry available only to those members with access to team rosters via Administration section.
- Public: This entry is primarily for Adult positions such as Coach, Manager or Booster Club Members. This will make the entry available to all visitors to the website on pages such as "Contacts" and "Team Contacts"

Each family member has their own contact information so open up each member and complete the information listed below.

Fields to Enter

- First Name
- Last Name
- Guardian (aka members):
The two Guardian fields are used to associate parents (or guardians) with their children.  If there are more than 2 guardians – you have the following options enter the first name such as “Dick and Jane” but all the information for alerts will be the same.

- Address
- City, State and Zip Code

- Phone, Work Phone & Cell
The dropdown to the right of the cell phone field can be used to specify your cell phone carrier. After you make this selection, all broadcast email messages, including schedule change notices sent from the site will also be sent to your cell phone as text messages. So now if they cancel the game while you're on the road, you'll know about it right away. 

- Email
Enter your email address(s) here. Just separate each address with a comma such as “
MyName@home.net, ”. When entering a player's address, you can enter that all of your emails here or one that belongs to a parent. For alerts: Only one copy of a message is sent to an email no matter how many times it is listed. see notification below for volunteers.

- Remind Of (optional - automatic email reminders); This is great for cancellations. You will receive a reminder for your player's games. If you are on the roster as a volunteer, you will also receive another reminder.
- Games: By checking either or both of the boxes will be sent for Games (which include all game types with the exception of "Practice") or Practices since they are not listed in the schedule.
- ID:  leave blank – does not apply

For player’s only
- Gender:   Male or Female 
- Date of Birth: is already entered
;  Their may be a fake birth date so the system thinks your player is under 18 and not an adults so we can have parent/guardians listed too.
- Grade: indicate year for 2012/2013 school year (e.i. 12)

3. Emailing Your Team
In your password protected team roster, there is a link to email your team above the roster. Anyone team member and their family can email their team.

4. Printing the Roster
The roster information is mainly useful on-line since there are numerous links and dropdown features.
 The roster will open in another web window and then you may print.


On the bottom of the Emails from Burnsville Baseball - there is an Opt of Emails statement:

We hope you found this message to be useful. However, if you'd rather not receive future e-mails from us, please click here to unsubscribe

It will then take you to the website with the following statement:

Please Confirm

I would like to unsubscribe the email address - YOUR EMAIL HERE from # member records. I no longer wish to receive news, reminders, schedule change notifications and other email communications from Burnsville High School Baseball.

Please keep in mind that this may include important and time sensitive communications sent from Burnsville High School Baseball. If you do not wish to continue, please click the Cancel button below.

This feature is NOT monitored so if you'd like to be removed permanentaly from our mailing list - please email us at indicate REMOVE in the body of the email

We are not responsible for you not receiving further emails if you select this feature.

Got to love the notification system

If you selected email and text notification for games. Practices are not listed in the schedule. You will receive a notification for your player. If you also volunteer such as website manager, team manager or coach and are listed on your team roster, you will receive another notification that you have practice/game.

The system thinks each volunteer position and player needs to know and will send multiple reminders - same with Text and email - for the same event.
They look like this:

date and time
Subject: BTB event reminder
Becky Hanson has a practice on 4/27/2010 at 6:15PM Location: BHS JV

The first time I saw this - I laughed a lot!

If you do not want more than notification - either have your player's contact information with the "game notification" checked OR your contact information checked. Not both.

If it is a game in the scheduling section and you will receive a notification.
They look like this:
same as above except
Subject: BTB - Event Changed/Added

Now website administrator, coaches or website managers might cancel a practices via text and email and it is not through the scheduling system. They would post a bulletin on your team home page which has an email broadcast options - text and email or email only. If it is a text - hopefully it is short and sweet such as "4/27 practice cancelled".

Lots of ways to keep in touch with your team and their busy schedule. You might have too much communication but it is important when you really need it such as rain cancellations and every changing tournament games. You don't want to miss a minute of action so better be more safe and connected than sorry.

Remember - you can always go into EDIT MY ACCOUNT and change your notification settings.

Do you have your coach's and manager's cell phone numbers entered into your phone???



Additional Notes:

- You will need to add parent/guardians separately or modify the parent's name.
- Click on the person you want to update. If only 1 parent/guardian, click "add adult" to add one more.
- Do NOT forget to update your player's information.
- Your contact information will first appear. After data is entered, select submit. You will then be taken to a screen with parents/guardian on top and then player(s) below. You may add another parent/guardian with the limit of 2. Your player name will be listed and select it to edit their data. If you want their cell phone to receive texts make sure you select the phone company from the dropdown list.
- Make sure you edit 2 guardians and player(s) - each person should have their own contact information. Player contact information help the coaches contact their players on their cell phone. Do not forget the cell phone carrier if they want text messages.
Yes - you can check the "games" event reminder to receive notifications. see above
- You must be associated with BHS baseball to be in the system and to edit your account. The following are in the system: players and their parent/guardians, coaches, booster club members and Home Run Club members.

If you have any questions, please contact your Team Manager Coordinator first.
Website Administrator is .