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Website Team Managers (pics + score)
  If you have Picture people assigned - please...
Score/Comm Manager
  Score Go to your Results page from the Our Teams...
Picture Manager
  You have a few options when sharing photos or...
Website Team Manager
  Mainly adding bulletins and sending emails. Our...
  Coach/Assistant Coaches and three main volunteer...
  If you are assigned to a team with...
  Scheduling No practices are on the schedule...
Website Team Managers (pics + score)
If you have Picture people assigned - please work with them by posting their online albums. Ask them to send you a link so you can post on your picture page. Make sure when posting each link you include the photographers name, date + game and then link. Indicate that the link is opened in a new window (2nd tab of link section).

Also if you do not have a score/game commentary or you are in the system, please enter the score so it is posted. Sometimes the commentary takes a while.

Once the season starts, the score will also be shown on the home page.
Score/Comm Manager
Go to your Results page from the Our Teams drop down.  Games will appear on the day of the game. Click the Edit (yellow pencil) icon to the right of the game information.
Enter the Runs for your team, then the Runs for your opponent.  If you have a lengthy commentary - Do not use comment section here (you can but also put them as a separate page)
Results will be posted on your team pages and the global home page.
Optionally - Game Commentary
Use separate page to make easier to read and print for season
Entering score and opponent on top of commentary
Commentary - be mindful and respectful. Example: no negative disrespectful language. These commentaries may be viewed by the public, potential college/professional scouts and media.
May use first and last name of player
Have the most recent game on top
Copy/paste from Word works but it does mess up your formatting.
Pages on the website only hold so much so you will need to add additional pages as the season continues.
Picture Manager

You have a few options when sharing photos or other images.  Many teams will use photo sharing sites such as Shutterfly, Flickr or Picassa - this is highly recommended.  Then you can simply create a link and send it to the Website Team manager and they will post on your Team page to direct parents and players to the external site.
Picasa is a recommendation for those that do not have a software or online system already. If you currently use an online sharing program, you can use that. Just copy/paste the URL. Picasa is free and is easy to use.
Website Team Managers - Do not put a link for the whole page but within the document.
You can just copy/paste the URL of picasa or whatever online system you are using into our system and make a link.
Our system has a help manual.
Picasa has a help manual.

Website Team Manager
Mainly adding bulletins and sending emails.
Our system has a help manual.

Coach/Assistant Coaches and three main volunteer positions for each team that have access to change the team website:
Team Website Manager
Picture Manager
Score/Comm Manager
Each team is different and functions/responsibilities will vary based on each coach’s wishes. All 3 positions can be done by the same person or split. Coaches have access and may take part in any or all functions. Decide amongst yourselves how you’d like to use the website to communicate to your players, their families, coaches and the public. Establish a communication system for your team that incorporates their team pages and tell your team your plan.
A manager manual is located under the Admin menu. It is visible once logged in. Go there first for answers before contacting website administrator.
Job Descriptions
Website Team Manager
1 or 2 people per team - help coaches with team communications (posting and emails), volunteer requests and maintain team’s website pages; similar to a manager without fiscal responsibilities.
Each team has their own web pages under BHS Teams - Season = 2013 season AND select Team name from drop down list
Each team's home page has bulletins listed by date posted, next 10 events, team contacts, etc.
must be able to take the digital pictures and upload images into their own shared online site. Forward the Website Team manager the link and they will post on the team page.
Score/Comm Manager
1 – 2 people per team; use system to enter each game score after each game; optional to write game commentary/narrative.

If you are assigned to a team with a management position such as "Coach" or "Manager" in the title, you have the rights associated with managers on your site, automatically. Log in using the upper right with your first and last name and your personal password (like edit my account).


No practices are on the schedule and are directed verbally by each team's coaches.

Games are maintained by website administrator.

Coaches and managers do not have access to change the schedule.